A Homeowner’s Guide to Asphalt Pavement Installation

Ever since it’s development, asphalt has now become the choice material for driveways. Aside from being durable, flexible and easy to maintain and repair; it is also easy to install it over existing driveway surfaces. Although asphalt installation is not…..

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Thin Asphalt Overlay And Its Benefits

Thin asphalt overlays are defined as asphalt mixes that do not exceed 1.5 inches of thickness. This thin asphalt overlay acts as seal and protection of asphalt layers that can provide immediate and economical solutions to pavements that are still…..

DIY Guide: How To Repair Alligator Cracks

There are different types of pavement problems that you may encounter in this lifetime. You will see some pavements with pot holes, sink holes, spiderweb cracks, and others. One of the most common types of asphalt problem is alligator cracking……

A Buying Guide: Which Asphalt Seal Coater Is Best For You

Giving your asphalt driveway a coating every three years will not only make it last longer, but will also make it look better. A seal coat can help protect your asphalt driveway against the sun, moisture, rain, oil, gasoline, and…..

Why Sealcoating Asphalt Pavements Is A Must

Business owners face the same struggles and decisions that need to be made. Which investment to invest to? Which investment to let go? What costs to cut? What strategy to focus to? However, your business is not only about what…..

Asphalt Paving: The Different Colors Of Asphalt

It is commonplace to see asphalt paving in different suburban areas like the streets, driveways, bike trails, highways, and car parks. The reason behind this is that asphalt is made of durable materials and is made to last. It is…..

3 Types Of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

If you think that asphalt can only be used in constructing roads and driveways, you have thought wrong. There are other industries that make use of asphalt to support production, like agriculture or aquaculture. In residential purposes, asphalt can also…..

How To Proactively Care For Your Driveway

Having a driveway constructed is not as easy as buying new clothes from the store. It is an investment to your home. And just like other types of investment, it is a must that you protect it. With this in…..

Different Uses Of Asphalt

Admit it! When you hear someone say asphalt, the first thing that comes to mind is driveways or roads. However, asphalts are flexible enough that it is used for other applications and in different locations. They can be used not…..

DIY Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating your driveway is one of the most essential steps in prolonging its life. It can protect your driveway from harmful agents that can make it lose its waterproofing ability and adhesive ability. If you have not sealed your driveway…..

The 3 Main Asphalt Types

  Asphalt can be the most convenient way to go when you want to smooth out uneven surface or to fill any potholes. However, before you start working your way around asphalt and fixing potholes and other asphalt problems, it…..

permeable pavements

Types of Permeable Pavements

Besides having the regular concrete or asphalt pavement, you also have the option to go the permeable way. Permeable pavements are on the rise today because of its ability to allow water to go through the surface and be absorbed…..

porous asphalt

Porous Asphalt: What It Is All About

There are different kinds of materials that you can use for constructing your own pavement. One of them is porous asphalt. If you are looking into constructing your first pavement or re-doing your current one, then you should continue reading…..