A Homeowner’s Guide to Asphalt Pavement Installation

Ever since it’s development, asphalt has now become the choice material for driveways. Aside from being durable, flexible and easy to maintain and repair; it is also easy to install it over existing driveway surfaces. Although asphalt installation is not…..


Why is Asphalt a Better Choice than Concrete?

Years ago, concrete was the top choice for paving roads and parking lots. Recently, though, we are seeing a shift to asphalt use. But why such shift? Because it has been proven that asphalt is much superior compared to concrete…..


How To Choose The Best Asphalt Type For The Job

Asphalt is a commonly used type of pavement for many different projects. It’s very versatile in that it can be used in different ways, and of course there are also different types of asphalt. It’s most commonly used for roads,…..