DIY Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating your driveway is one of the most essential steps in prolonging its life. It can protect your driveway from harmful agents that can make it lose its waterproofing ability and adhesive ability. If you have not sealed your driveway…..

The 3 Main Asphalt Types

  Asphalt can be the most convenient way to go when you want to smooth out uneven surface or to fill any potholes. However, before you start working your way around asphalt and fixing potholes and other asphalt problems, it…..

permeable pavements

Types of Permeable Pavements

Besides having the regular concrete or asphalt pavement, you also have the option to go the permeable way. Permeable pavements are on the rise today because of its ability to allow water to go through the surface and be absorbed…..

porous asphalt

Porous Asphalt: What It Is All About

There are different kinds of materials that you can use for constructing your own pavement. One of them is porous asphalt. If you are looking into constructing your first pavement or re-doing your current one, then you should continue reading…..

professional pavers

Things To Remember When Hiring Professional Pavers

When it comes to home improvement, there are a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) guides that you can easily find on the internet once you search through Google or other search engines. However, not all projects should be done as a…..


A Homeowner’s Guide to Asphalt Pavement Installation

Ever since it’s development, asphalt has now become the choice material for driveways. Aside from being durable, flexible and easy to maintain and repair; it is also easy to install it over existing driveway surfaces. Although asphalt installation is not…..


A Guide To Laying Pavers And Paving Stone

You should always dry lay your patio first, before you get to work, this isn’t a difficult feat but simply involves laying the paving out exactly as you want it to be when you’ve completed the job. Size and layout…..


Concrete VS Asphalt – Their Pros and Cons

Deciding on which materials to use on the driveway is a big decision that many homeowners have to make, whether to use concrete or asphalt. There are other material options for the driveway, but asphalt and concrete are the most…..

Why Asphalt Seal Coating is Important

Asphalt seal coating is essential because even though asphalt has great waterproofing and adhesive properties, it has some flaws to its chemical makeup which allows salts, chemical substances and weather elements to penetrate and destroy the asphalt molecules. As these…..

Paving Blocks Uses

Paving blocks are nothing new and have been used for driveways since the time of the Romans. The very first highways, built on the isle of Crete, were constructed using paving blocks. Rome is lined with smooth roads built using…..

The Things You Need to Know About an Asphalt Paver

We’ve been riding on smooth and paved roads today because of the help of many construction machines that made a lot of things possible for us. It made driving to far away locations easier and more comfortable. Asphalt is the…..

Sealcoating Your Parking Lot Helps Your Own Business

Sealcoating your asphalt can increase the lifespan of your parking lot by years, which means saving you money in the long run. The savings can be upwards of $1000 even for a small car park. If you’re a business owner…..