Great Info on Road Graders for Building Roads

asphalt_road_repairRoads graders are large machineries used in building of roads. Normally, they are used to level the ground in challenging terrains. Road graders, also called motor graders, are self-propelled machines consisting of axles (one each in front and rear) and an adjusable blade placed in between the axles. The blade is used for trimming, spreading and flattening of material.

Road graders can also be used for scarifying. Scarifying involves cutting or scraping of a layer of soil, and removing the said layer using the blade. A new layer will be added, spread and leveled using either a new soil or the soil removed from scarifying.

The main purpose of your grader is to prep, spread out and level any soil surface, making sure that they are flat before proceeding to the next step in road building. They have many applications. The road or motor graders are often used as finishing devices and as aid to other equally heavy road equipment such as scrapers and bulldozers. They are used in scraping and chiseling drainage ditches. They are also often used to build and maintain non-concrete roads like dirt and gravel roads. But the most common use for road graders is to create a wide flat surface in preparation for asphalt application.

Graders are also used in the removal of snow in homes, offices, roads and other areas. This is a typical application in places that experience heavy snow like Canada, Northern European countries and United States. In wet areas and grasslands of Australia and Africa, graders are important equipment in massive farms, plantations and ranches where are used to creat dirt tracks.