How To Choose The Best Asphalt Type For The Job

types-of-asphaltAsphalt is a commonly used type of pavement for many different projects. It’s very versatile in that it can be used in different ways, and of course there are also different types of asphalt. It’s most commonly used for roads, but you also have to think about parking lots, runways at airports and much more.

As mentioned, there are different types of asphalt or ‘mixes’ for the different projects out there. Some projects require that the asphalt help absorb noise, and certain asphalt mixes can also help with water runoff, spraying and splashing when rain has occurred.

The following are helpful tips for selecting the asphalt that should be used for certain projects.

The Perpetual Type

The perpetual type of pavement is layered and often used for roads. Its purpose is geared towards helping the roads to last longer. This type of layered pavement helps to prevent cracking due to its flexible base. Both the bottom and middle layers are permanent, but the top driving surface, while also strong, is going to be replaced every so often. This of course is going to help save time and money when the roads need work. Another cost saving measure is the simple fact that asphalt mixes are recyclable.

The Porous Type

Porous asphalt has advantages when it comes to water because the water drains through the asphalt and into the ground. The porous type of asphalt is good for parking lot projects, and it helps with ground water quality and also storm water management. Porous asphalt may sound like it’s not going to last as long, but it is durable and can be used for multiple types of projects.

The Quiet Type

It was mentioned that there is asphalt that helps with noise absorption or noise pollution. Noise absorption is handled by creating a stone and asphalt mix, half and half. It is a cost efficient strategy that prevents the need for noise barriers. Think about the roads within residential neighborhoods and quiet communities where homeowners don’t want to be dealing with a bunch of noise pollution.

The Warm Mix Type

The warm mix type is used when paving is done in places where the temperatures can be quite cold. This helps get paving projects done more often throughout the year, and it is also an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Compaction is made much easier as well.

The Hot Mix Type

Driveways are the most common type of project where hot mix asphalt is used, and this is mostly because of the finish or appearance. It’s also considered to be a cost efficient, low maintenance and durable solution.

There are always going to be new types of asphalt mixes introduced as technology improves, which will make future projects even easier.