Why Asphalt Seal Coating is Important

asphalt_repair_workAsphalt seal coating is essential because even though asphalt has great waterproofing and adhesive properties, it has some flaws to its chemical makeup which allows salts, chemical substances and weather elements to penetrate and destroy the asphalt molecules. As these molecules are destroyed, asphalt will shed a great deal of its original properties, such as waterproofing and binding. The first visual sign of this is a change in color from black to brown to gray. As asphalt is really a byproduct of petroleum distillation processes, it is easily dissolved by other materials that are also derived from petroleum. This is because these individual substances come from the same source, and have a tendency to bind when they are mix together. Consequently, oil and gasoline can dissolve asphalt effortlessly because they have similar chemical compositions.

This is normally an issue in off-street, low traffic pavements such as driveways, parking lots or minor streets, where oil and gasoline have a chance to sit and soak in the asphalt. Asphalt seal coating can resist these substances and prevent them from interacting, and as a result, extend the life of the asphalt and stop the need for excessive, pricey repairs and patching. If your asphalt does need to be repaired, make sure to do it rapidly as no seal coating can shield the asphalt from water and other components once the surface has cracked. Although cracks are easy to repair, they do have a tendency to come back. It is better and cheaper to patch and fill them as soon as possible than to wait and allow more damage to occur and have to re-lay the whole area, which is definitely more expensive.

However, contrary to popular belief, asphalt doesn’t need to be re-coated yearly. Re-coating too frequently can trigger issues, like peeling at about the ten year mark. You also need to be cautious and wise when choosing a contractor to do the job of asphalt seal coating. Customers are not usually aware of the process, and unscrupulous service providers are taking advantage of them. Common practices consist of diluting the sealant, making it completely ineffective. Be sure that you’re hiring a company that has a good reputation, certified and trustworthy.

Paving Blocks Uses

Worker leveling fresh asphalt on a road buildingPaving blocks are nothing new and have been used for driveways since the time of the Romans. The very first highways, built on the isle of Crete, were constructed using paving blocks. Rome is lined with smooth roads built using trimmed stones. But as old as it is, the Roman method is still commonly used today for paving anything – from roads to sidewalks.

Working with paving blocks is done by interlocking stones. This concept started in the Netherlands, and is still being used for laying bricks today. The blocks are made of clay or concrete and set in sand. They are generally stronger than paving or asphalt and are simple to repair and maintain. They may even withstand earthquakes.

Benefits of using paving blocks instead of asphalt are numerous. They are available in many colors and patterns which can be easily mixed and matched, making it is easy to create a unique, beautiful design. Your driveway is the first thing people see when they come to your home. When laid with paving stones, it definitely will stand out. If done properly, they will hold much longer and will require less maintenance.

Other paving materials include clay-based bricks, stamped cement and cobblestone. You can also do it yourself, although the best way is to leave the laying and installation to professionals. Paving prevents the asphalt from splitting and prevents unwanted changes in the road surface that occur because of being exposed to the elements.

The Things You Need to Know About an Asphalt Paver

Construction Worker during Asphalting Road WorksWe’ve been riding on smooth and paved roads today because of the help of many construction machines that made a lot of things possible for us. It made driving to far away locations easier and more comfortable. Asphalt is the main material commonly used in paved highways. This is an inexpensive building material that is easy to use and quick to apply because it dries up very easily. Asphalt paving is very durable and can withstand all weather conditions and heavy loader vehicles and trucks. The machine used to lay the asphalt properly is an asphalt paver.

The asphalt paving machine is used to mix, compact and apply asphalt uniformly in roads, parking lots, and other paved areas. This is an important equipment that allows contractors to build the highways and lanes which we have today. The asphalt paver is usually attached to the back of a dump truck but there are already self-propelled pavers that do not need to be towed by a truck. For more paving related articles visit estates paving.

The 2 key aspects of the self-propelled concrete paver is the tractor and the screed. The tractor mainly is made up of the generator, and it is used to propel the paving machine forward and to distribute the asphalt. The screed has a thickness gauge control and is used to level and control the layer of the asphalt. It also has a wheeled roller to compress the pavement as asphalt is laid on the road.

Before the actual laying of the asphalt, the paver must be filled with asphalt. The tractor will then move the paver forward and the asphalt will be pushed toward the back in a feeder conveyor while the augers will be spreading the asphalt to the width needed for the job. The heated screed will begin leveling and compacting the asphalt, making sure that the layer is evenly distributed on the surface. Sometimes a roller is need to compact the asphalt more.

The asphalt paving machine is made mostly of metal and the mainframe is constructed from premium high quality metal plates. The tractor and screed are built as a stand alone unit and they must be installed properly to function well. A concrete paver finisher is sometimes used to complete the paving process and manufacturers include this part with every self-propelled pavers they make.

The asphalt paver is a very important machine in the building and the completion of pavement and streets. The paving machine must be of high quality and durable in order to function properly for a long time. This machine is an essential part in any road construction company.