Why is Asphalt a Better Choice than Concrete?

asphalt-vs-concreteYears ago, concrete was the top choice for paving roads and parking lots. Recently, though, we are seeing a shift to asphalt use. But why such shift? Because it has been proven that asphalt is much superior compared to concrete or cement. To better understand why, it helps to know how each of these paving options are made.

Concrete is made with a combination of aggregate and water with cement as its binder. When it dries, it becomes a stiff solid prone to breaking, especially if the surface under it is not smooth. Asphalt is also made with aggregate, but its binder is a dark substance derived from crude oil called bitumen. Bitumen is poured onto the aggregate and is run over with a steamroller. Although asphalt is also very hard and durable, it is flexible enough to accommodate uneven surfaces unlike concrete.

There are still so many advantages asphalt hold over concrete. For one, damaged asphalt is much easily removed and replaced. And because it is a completely recyclable product with a high demand, its materials will not take up valuable limited pace in landfills. Also, compared to concrete, asphalt paving projects are finished faster with less expense. The maintenance and repair of asphalt roads are also much faster and less expensive.

Repairing of small cracks in asphalt walkways and driveways is so easy that even homeowners can do this job all by themselves. It is simple, inexpensive and can further increase the lifespan of your asphalt surface. Even when the damage is significantly bigger, it is still a much faster and cheaper job to fix compared to concrete. To repair concrete, the damaged surface will have to be removed and then replaced, which takes up so much time, money and labor.

When it comes to resurfacing, asphalt would only require that you put a new surface over the old. Those damaged areas will be filled with asphalt and, with the use of a steamroller, will give way to a smooth and even surface. Aside from restoring the pavement’s smoothness, asphalt resurfacing will also make it stronger and more durable than before, offering a more pleasant driving for motorists under high traffic and increased vehicle weights.

So if you are looking to build or improve a walkway or driveway in your home, consider asphalt. Proving time and time again to beat concrete in every aspect, asphalt offers an attractive and long lasting performance with savings on time and money. Contact a paving company area now to help you decide on the right kind of asphalt for you.